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Assuming that you want to rank better in the searches for your keywords then consider submitting articles to any of the high rank article websites. An article of 400-500 words, once confirmed, will become a mini endorsement for your website, contributing to your page rank and generating traffic for years to come. Make sure that your search phrases are used in the article and most importantly, the anchor text and description that you place at the bottom of the article in the author’s resource panel.

Once submitted and acknowledged this in effect gives you a webpage on another significant site that is filled with keyword rich content, with one-way links that point back to your landing page(s). Keep in mind that the purpose of any search engine is to connect an inquiry with the most relevant content possible. So not surprisingly this type of SEO advertising is very search engine friendly as it is content rich, which enables them to determine its meaning and relevance with a high degree of accuracy. This is why promoting websites using article advertising is a popular tactic used by SEO experts.

Article submission equals links from appropriate sites and increased traffic.

For many sites that used article marketing search engine optimization consultants techniques it is not unusual for up to 45% of their traffic to come from the article sites themselves. In addition these leads tend to convert at a higher rate than traditional traffic that comes via the search engines. This is because they have already read a 500 word promotion for the product or service that you offer. In these difficult times all businesses are competing for traffic and part of that fight is to have a credible, effective search engine optimisation service as part of their marketing strategy.

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If you have the time and expertise you could do this yourself, or use a specialist SEO company.

But beware, as typically most search engine optimisation consultants or companies will charge a set fee based on their level of involvement, which is usually based on the level of difficultly in securing a top rank for a given set of search phrases. Despite claiming to give ‘guaranteed SEO results’ or an ‘affordable’ search engine optimisation service very few SEO companies are confident enough in their own abilities to charge based on the results they achieve.

Affordable small business search engine optimisation?

The only real effective search engine optimisation is the sort that is charged on a pay on results basis. This means that until a specified search phrase reaches an agreed page rank then there is no cost. The advantage to any small business is that you only pay for the results that you get; the incentive to the SEO company is that they have a vested interest in making sure their clients rank highly in the search rankings.

So, if you want to improve your web traffic and gain high-quality back-links to your site, however you do it, article writing is quick, easy and effective.

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