Tips on Having a Beautiful Wedding For Half of the Price

Like so many other businesses in the country right now, the bridal industry is feeling the affects of the recession and the economic downturn. Many brides think they have to delay their wedding for another year because they think they can not have the wedding of their dreams during these rough times. The truth is, you can have a beautiful wedding and reception now if you put in some effort and find the less expensive options and alternatives out there. This article will give tips on how to save money on planning your wedding on things like finding a reception site for a much lower cost to buying wholesale flowers from a California contract warehouse as well as purchasing your dress in an inventory clearance sale in a Texas contract warehouse.

The first part of planning your wedding is to get the location. If you are having the ceremony in your hometown church then you still need to find a space for your reception following your ceremony. If you plan to do your wedding on a weekday or even a Friday, you can get the space for almost half the price as a Saturday or Sunday date. The next place you can save greatly on is the flowers and decorations for the ceremony and reception sites. You can purchase flowers at a wholesale market and put bouquets together yourself. One bride in Minnesota had a bouquet making lunch and party with her bridesmaids to assemble the flowers to be used by them and displayed for the wedding. It was fun and it saved a lot of money. Table linens can also be bought at a fabric outlet and be sewn by someone who is handy with a sewing machine.

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There are many craft and hobby type of portable construction tents warehouse stores that sell things at near to cost.  Another large expense at a wedding reception is often the wedding cake. Cupcakes have made a huge comeback recently and instead of the elaborate, expensive traditional wedding cake, many couples are choosing to have fun cupcakes displayed instead. Icing in the wedding colors topped with an edible flower will look just as good as a professionals work for a fraction of the cost.

The last large expense that the bride can save on is the wedding dress. There are many large bridal stores that offer clearance sales to get rid of last years styles and this can be a great way to find a gown. If you live in the New York area, you can attend one of two Kleinfeld’s big sales where they sell samples directly off the rack for significant savings. Some brides really want a designer gown and do not feel the need to have it as a keepsake. This is when they can choose to rent one for the day and have the look they want for not much money.

All of these tips can allow the bride to get married even during economically difficult times and have the wedding they dreamed of.

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