Use a Hook With Search Engine Optimisation to Increase Backlinks

Are you all familiar with what a hook is? Well if not think about it in a conventional sense first of all. Actually think of a fishing hook, you use it to place bait on which it is going to be used to draw in fish who will hopefully take the bait and make your fishing trip a success. What happens if you sling your hook in a barren part of the lake, or it does not even make the water? Well your not going to attract many fish.

It is the same with our websites, one of the many ways we can enhance our seo in Houston efforts is by encouraging back links. In order for these links to be ultra effective means they should be as natural as possible. In order to acquire natural links pointing back to our sites we need to create quality content, but how we use that content on our sites is ultimately how well the techniques work.

Most searchers click on the first 3 results when they perform a Google search and research has shown that a searchers view a particular part of the computer screen more than others, guess which part? The top left working their way down. So how can we use this knowledge and our content to good effect.

First of all we should have a hook, this could be absolutely anything, special features, unique news, tutorials anything that could potentially cause readers to come back and read more of your rich content. Once we have this little gem, you then need to consider how you are going to position it on you high traffic page? Remember what we said about the search results and eye tracking on computer screens, well take it into account. Place your hook close to the top of you main page placing some emphasis on it, by maybe making it an image.

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Doing this will encourage readers to click on it and find your quality content, once they have found it and begin to read it you are successful, and have caught a fish. Now one of a few things can happen once the reader finds your hook. Firstly they could think your content is low quality or irrelevant and leave, or they could think it is excellent, bookmark your page and return. The best result we can hope for is that they are so impressed by your content that they send a link back from a website of their own or submit your page to social sites. These will be natural links and what you need to rank highly on Google, so use your hook to good effect.

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