When In shopping Doubt, Tote it Out

Shopping is a form of Art and an experience. It requires one to be well organized and creative; not to mention It requires one to commit not just money, but time and energy as well. Shopping, just like any other art, requires the artist to be prepared in advance by having a trusted set of tool to use. Hello, Tote Bags.

Whenever people go shopping they something to carry their purchases in. There is a distance between the store and the house or car, that people have to carry their purchases. That distance, must be leveraged by the store to give the shopper the best shopping experience possible. Not to mention that it presents an opportune moment to flaunt that brand image all that distance.

Multitudes of stores are already at the forefront of this brand-customer relationship revolution with heaps of custom Wholesale Tote Bags. Whenever a customer walks into a store and gets to check out, they are given the choice an uncomfortable plastic pollutant or a material multi-purpose tool. Some retailers have even gone so far as to removing all plastic options from their stores.
Bringing with them opportunities to enhance retailers’ competitive edge, Tote bags have breathed life into the retail industry. Presented as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags, totes have a profound impact on the consumer psyche. Plastic bags are able to convey a brand just as a tote bag would, however, plastic bags get junked and totes get stored. A metaphoric representation as to how a consumer would consciously/subconsciously close out their shopping experience. While the degree to which this impacts the consumer-retailer is still being discovered, it makes for a powerful case in shift of positioning within the Retail brand industry.

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Reusable bags, means repeat exposure, means deeper neural registry, means lifelong customers. The value of a lifelong customer exceeds the mediocre cost of tote bags hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of times over. Tote bags have actually integrated beautifully into certain communities so deeply, that they actually get collected and recognized!
Of course then we are faced with the other side of the deal, crappy totes. Whenever a plastic bag is defunct it is trashed, then that trash is hopefully recycled or polluted with; but whenever a tote bag acts defunct it does not need to be trashed. Totes can be:

  • Donated to ChicoBag’s Pay it Forward
  • Used to package food for SoupKitchens
  • Brought to Food Bank Boxes at Stores
  • Used for design Material
  • Etc.

Sure, we have to be realists, totes can also just be entirely defunct also(junkworthy) but more likely than not, you will not be getting the defunct ones; besides at the very least garb-aging a tote will likely lead to its recycling.
This all brings us to the point of “tote-return”. What gives a better overall shopping experience? What is better for the environment? What is more logical for the businesses, ordering plastic bags incessantly or being in control of their bag supplies? The decision is “Tote-ally” up to you!

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